Unique Websites

I am Sibel,

My doshas:
The combination of Kapha and Pitta makes me an ideal teacher with patience and empathy, full of creativity and ideas

I have been a passionate yoga teacher and marketing expert for over a decade.

During my career, I have gained professional experience in marketing and sales at large companies such as Hilton Worldwide, Napster (the legal one after 2009 ;) and lululemon. I have worked on numerous marketing campaigns for large corporations such as Medion AG and Telefonica Germany.


Yoga and marketing – two passions that both have a place in my heart.

Together they make a perfect fit. Empathy from my yoga practice enables me to create customized solutions to suit my customers’ specific needs. At the same time, my marketing expertise allows me to help aspiring yoga teachers, spiritual practitioners, and creative entrepreneurs to build fabulous, high-conversion websites.


I lived a in Brighton, Sydney, Istanbul, and Bali, and my conclusion is that home is where my yoga mat is. This is why I enjoy working online and choose to use video calls to build up a trusting relationship with my customers. (No worries, all you need is a smartphone or a laptop!)


I am someone who understands your business! There is no need to worry about deciphering specialist terms or jargon from marketing or the digital world; I’ll take care of that part!


I will provide you with a complete and polished website together with all the knowledge you need to make changes to it independently.


I want you to have the website you desire and deserve!

Let’s have a free consultation!
I am looking forward to talk to you!