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In 10 days to your own exclusive website!
I will build you a website that is unique as you are!

This package includes:

  • Consultation call via Zoom to prepare a detailed project plan

  • Design and fully customized development of your website with Wix**

  • Recommendation for an appropriate hosting package and domain name (your URL) selection

  • Font options that complement your website perfectly

  • Exclusive color palette

  • Full mobile responsiveness (your website will look good on mobile phones too!)


Up to 6 pages

  • For example: Home, About, Products*, Portfolio*

  • Privacy Notice, Terms & Conditions (legal copy should always be subject to individual legal advice)***

Online Marketing & Optimization

  • Standard SEO setup tailored to your product (for increased visibility on Google)

  • Cookie banner

  • Social media integration, e.g., Instagram and Facebook

  • Domain integration (your favorite URL e.g., will be connected with your website)

  • Final link check for a seamless user experience

Bonus 1:


  • Handover and 1:1 training call to learn how to tweak your site independently and clear up any questions you might have.

  • You will receive a recording for life-long access.

Why is this a great offer?


  • Stay independent from website designers and developers.

  • Make small changes yourself within minutes.

  • Learn all the tricks you need during our handover.

  • Save development costs

*Products: This package includes a maximum of four items on your Products or Services page and four on your Portfolio page, depending on the scope of your project. We can find the perfect fit within this package in a free consultation call today.

**Wix is a website creation platform, additional subscription fees apply.
Wix’s annual plans start from ca. €5. Please make sure that you have reviewed the hosting platform fees, as these are common for hosting and domains. More information can be found here
If you choose not to use Wix’s static domains such as ".com" but would prefer an alternative domain suffix such as ".yoga" or ".love", this may be subject to an additional set-up fee from your chosen provider. This starts at €1/month, depending on the domain name and provider.

*** Privacy notice and Terms and Conditions (legal copy should always be subject to individual, country-specific legal advice)
I will set up a blank page for each legal topic, which I will then fill with the legal copy you provide.





I was lucky enough to grow up and receive an education in Europe, which has made me into the person I am today. I would like to pass this luck on to someone else.

For each package sold, I will donate €25 of the profit to the “Girl's Education” program by Save the Children.